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The spirit of improvement is marked in our values. To achieve this continuous improvement every period we set objectives and evaluate their fulfillment.

    Objective 2023

    Reduction of water consumption (L/stay) by 5%.

    • New water-saving showers will be installed
    • New push buttons on toilets.
    • Improved water management in swimming pools.
    • Awareness and implementation of best practices.

    Reduction of electricity consumption (kg/stay) by 2%.

    • Reduction of tap flows leads to lower hot water consumption.
    • Awareness and implementation of good practices in the kitchen.

    Reduction of single-use plastic consumption

    • Paper cups
    • Use of biodegradable straws.
    • Eliminate packaged butter portions

    Continue to collaborate with the local community

    • Support of charitable activities.
    • Participation of customers in cultural activities.
    • Conducting conferences or seminars.

    Increase and maintain equal opportunities

    • Respect for gender, ideology and race equality.
    • Continuous training.
    • Prioritization of internal promotions.