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Main Pool

The main pool is heated in the winter months. For your own safety it is very important to consult the information panel with the rules of use of the facilities.

Timetable:     10:00 am - 06:00 pm

The hotel reserves the right to modify the schedule if necessary.


  • Outside opening hours there is no lifeguard service.
  • Children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult when bathing in the non-paddling pool.
  • Keep children supervised at all times.
  • It is mandatory to use bath slippers in the toilets.
  • It is not allowed to use glasses and glass containers in the water and the solarium.
  • Use caution when walking on wet ground.
  • It is not allowed to reserve hammocks or umbrellas, if it is observed that a hammock has remained unoccupied for a reasonable time, our pool manager may assign it to another client.
  • In case of emergency, contact Coco Loco Bar, La Choza Restaurant or Reception.
  • There are complaint forms available to users.
  • The entry of pets into the pool area is prohibited, except for trained dogs for blind people.
  • Taurito Medical Center: 928 56 50 90
  • Emergency telephone number: 112
  • Diving on your head is forbidden.
  • The use of inflatable mats is prohibited.
  • Shower before bathing